Saturday, 24 December 2011

Remember God.

Whenever you are down, really down, when something horrible just happened to you, when you lost someone, when somebody you love is sick, dying, when it feels like there is no hope... when you remember the millions of children dying, when your son dies in battle... whenever you suffer, whenever you feel like killing yourself...
Remember God.
Remember He could make it all go away.
But He choses not to.
Then lift your chin up and take stand. Solve your problem, cry your sadness out, brake something in pieces to deal with your anger.
Then go on with you life.
A little stronger than before.
And never remember God again.

kiddie fucking

Stumbled upon some article about Internet censure. Installed some programs, do a little research. Conclusions:

find porn pictures with 13 year olds: relatively difficult
convince a 13 year old to come into your house: no problem

Censorship is bad. I'd rather have them fap to semi nude pictures than rape a kid.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011


One of the four horsemen of the apocalypse died. Christopher Hitchins is no longer... alive? Oh but he so is in our thoughts. ...among us? He left such a mark that no one can deny that either.

His death made a lot of people happy. The religious are rubbing their hands thriving at the thought of him burning in hell. We, whose words have planted seeds in our minds... we are happy for the life he lived. For the wonderful gifts he gave us, for the doors he opened. We are happy to once again glimpse at death and have no fear. We are looking at our life and be happy for the way we are living it.

When I was younger I used to have a character in my life I called Chris. I liked him a lot and I defined him in writing or in imaginary conversations. When I met Hitchins I realized he was talking in Chris' voice, using his words and had the same ideas. Well, maybe not so much the same but filling the gaps in my memory an all, I knew who my Chris was. And ever since, knowing he was real, I feel so much less alone in my "weird way to see life" and so much stronger in my convictions and trust in what I am and how I feel. I am less afraid to speak my mind and not give in to "respecting" the sacred consecrated stupidity.

Four days before his death I decided to tell him all that. I was going to find out where I can write to him and just thank him for everything he did and everything he was. I didn't get the chance. I am not sorry, because I know he must have gotten this message from a lot of people. This is just a way to pay my respects.

And in a strange way, I feel a little sorry the Apocalypse didn't come so I can join the army of Satan and defeat the fucking asshole of Jehovah and his minions.
As long as I live, Chris will always be alive.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Dumnezeu se manifestă

Acum câţiva ani buni, un sclav al dumnezeului creştin ortodox, parintele Tănase a luat o problemă inexistentă în mână şi s-a apucat să-i găseasca o rezolvare: a făcut un soi de orfelinat pentru copii ale căror mame fuseseră, în prealabil, convinse de respectivul să nu facă avort.

Aceşti copii, in număr de vo 350, sunt adunaţi de jigodie şi puşi in cârca comunităţii (evident, biserica are altă treabă cu banii adunaţi din impozitele pe care le plătim noi toţi).

Cautând in biblie, nu găgseşti pe niciunde vo interdicţie la avort, deşi se practica în antichitate de către popoarele civilizate. Însă, desigur, de atunci şi până acum, s-a găsit un deştept care a decis că nu mai e ok.

Dumnezeu s-a uitat la părintele Tănase şi i-a transmis un mesaj: le-a ars avortonilor magazia de alimente. Să vedem dacă mesajul şi ajunge la dobitoc şi se opreşte din oroarea pe care o practică. Dacă nu, să sperăm că Dumnezeu le va transmite un mesaj mai clar, gen Sodoma şi Gomora, şi scăpam de nemernic.

Amin, futu-vă în gură.