Saturday, 8 March 2014

The big box of candy

For me, life is like a huge box of candy. A lot of candy nicely wrapped in all kind of shiny colored paper. And I get to choose. But I never know what I am going to get. . Or how many do I get to choose. Maybe it is only one more. Some say the best ones are those you have to search for, in the back of the box and you have to throe some away to get there. But I am not sure.

Problem is, whenever I try a candy, it turns out to be a rum one. Starts all sweet and chocolaty on the outside and then it pops with a burst of liquid that burns my mouth, because I am a supertaster and can't enjoy alcohol. And then I get another one just quick to get read of the rum taste. And that one is a rum too. And it is not only not better but worse. 

Then I started being more careful with the candy. I stopped wanting to try. But sometimes you just have too. And every single one of them is a rum candy and then I start being really afraid that the whole box is full of rum candy and nothing else. I wanted to just throw away the box, it is exhausting to carry it around with me all the time. But I couldn't let go of the thought that maybe there is a milk or caramel or dark one inside. Maybe there is just one and it is worth trying a lot of rum candy and get your mouth burned.

People look at me and say "look at that girl with the big box of candy, isn't she lucky". They wouldn't understand because who doesn't like rum candy. They will never know that I will end up tasteless, with a big box of candy that I will never bite into, never having a taste of anything but the bitter after taste of the poor choices that I have made. And I will be bitter and dead inside. And everybody will shake their heads and say "she just let all that candy go to waste, she could never appreciate what she had, why, if I had a box of candy like that..."

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